✨ Octaworks valued at US$1 million following pre-seed round with Bossainvest  

About Octaworks

Discover Octaworks: Your partner in streamlining business operations. Explore our innovative solutions for workflow management and automation.

“Success is not a destination; it's a journey of continuous evolution and improvement.”

Felipe Barelli, CEO at Octaworks

Value Proposition

Empowering you is our true value proposition

At Octaworks, our value proposition centers on speed and simplicity, aiming to make the workday more productive and enjoyable through our software solutions. We prioritize efficiency and ease-of-use in every tool we develop, ensuring that our customers can streamline their workflows and accomplish tasks with minimal effort and maximum speed. By focusing on speed and simplicity, we empower teams to work more effectively, ultimately enhancing their overall productivity and satisfaction.

Our products are meticulously crafted with a focus on the end-user, the employee directly involved in the company's operations. We understand the significance of developing robust tools to enhance the efficiency of our clients' workforce. By prioritizing user-centric design and functionality, we strive to empower employees with intuitive solutions that streamline their daily tasks and contribute to overall productivity.

Total Funding

A Journey through Octaworks History

Discover the Octaworks corporate timeline highlighting journey and the key moments that have marked our trajectory.

Founded company

Felipe Barelli founded the company initially named wepipe and introduced the first truly agile solution for workflow management focused on the national market.

Secured $100k in funding

The success of the wepipe product attracted the attention of Bossainvest, the most active Venture Capital fund in Latin America, which invested $100k in the company.

Scaled the product

The year was marked by wepipe's presence at major entrepreneurship and startup fairs, boosting the product and strengthening the company.


Wepipe rebrands as Octapipe, a product of Octaworks LLC, a new company and brand created with the aim of internationalizing the product and offering it worldwide.

Automate workflows in just a few clicks

Standardize, manage, and automate workflows with Octapipe. Create an account right now and start your free trial!

Happy customers and energized employees are what matters

Octaworks exists to make the world faster, easier, and less bureaucratic. Here are our non-negotiable values.

Happy work environment

We work with honesty, empathy, and team encouragement, striving to enable more individuals to succeed through humane and efficient work methods.

User-centric approach

We prioritize product development with a user-centric approach. We understand that those who work daily with our software deserve our maximum focused attention.

Trust in partners and investors

We believe in fostering the highest level of trust in our partnerships and investor relations. Trust is the cornerstone of our collaborations, driving mutual success and growth.

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